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Guides To Improve Your Spiritual Life


To serve God nowadays is not an easy task, but to follow the devil is as easy as ploughing a single leave from a tree. Nowadays, people find it hard to listen the words of God, WHY! - because our thoughts has been poisoned with evil doing. Which distance us from hearing the words of God. Even in church when hearing the words of God you get distracted with something else.

-98 percent of the people going to church on daily
bases are still unclean.WHY! - because their thoughts are not pure, But then only 2 percent among them stick to the words of God. WHY! - because they abide in his commandments.

NOTE - Even Me Sharing This Peice Of Write Up Is Not Spirit Filled Nor Abide In His Words. And If you are reading this article and would like to change your ways of living, to a righteous ways for good. This is for you,
With the below guides.

This Are The Guides To Improve Your Spiritual Life

Free-Mind - What Do I Mean? if you are the type that is carried away with EARTHLY things like always thinking about money or thinking of something else can hinder you from doing the things of God, Set your heart free and let it communicate with its creator.

Meditate - meditating is another way to take in terms of praying and focus one's mind or concentration.

Singing Praise And Worship - This part is very important to focus on, you should abide on it because it is the fastest way God hears and answer the prayers of his children. WHY? - because singing to the lord maketh him knows you are Greatful to him.

Praying - as we all know, is the key to grant ones wish on a point of any situation or needs, which may take a while to be answered. WHY? - because God wants to see how much you need his help. That is the very reasons to be patiences.

Fasting - fasting gives you strength spiritually and improves your ways of praying and avoiding temptations like talking and eating less which may distract you. While fasting, you are meant to remain indoors or stay a safe and hidden place like a mountain to pray so as to prevent you from distractions.

NOTE - The More You Fast The More Your Strength Increases And You Are Meant To Fast For Days Like 3-7days If Possible.

Reading The Holy Scriptures - reading God's words gives you guide to know more about God and his commandments and also improves your spirit living.

Talk Less - The word ''SPIRIT'' is not just ordinary from its word which is not meant to be joked with. In a quote - '' Everything On Earth Has A Key Which Is Kept In Secret, Only A Brave One Gets Access To Unlock It'' in continuation to the topic. ''Talk-Less'' is a mode that should be controlled. what is it saying? It states you should less the way you talk on daily bases, If you are the type that talks alot like being a gossiper and other things associated with talking.

Always Forgive - this is a compulsory aspect in terms of
needs. because when ever you are praying for a
specific issue and you thoughts are stained, that pray
wont be heard because there are black stains on your soul. Maybe the reason could be with you having issues with someone like quarrelling or fighting over a little issue.
So it blocks your prayers from been answered, what you need to do is walk up to your offender and make peace with he/she so that peace will reign and your prayers would be heard.

Patience - Finally, your focus should be on this step, because it is very important and people lack interest on it. For instance, when someone keeps asking God for a favour for a long time and no answers and he/she thinks God dont listen to it. which is so wrong to think about. What you should know is that, in the sight of God. Your request is like a minute ago.
so you need times to be patience. And your request will be granted. and also, God is testing you to see how patience and serious about what you really need, thats why they say ''THE PATIENT DOG EATS THE FATEST BONE'' . It wont be easy to abide in God's way, but its up to you.

By following the guidelines on this peice of written article, i believe your life will change for good and if you not cleared with in any part of this posts or have any questions to ask you are free to share them on the comment box.

Thanks For Reading And Stay Updated.

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